Welcome to The Independent Clause

I’ve thought a long time about the kind of blog that I wanted to write. In-depth film reviews? Sure. Meditations on the martial arts? Of course. Commentary on medical research? Without a doubt. History? Goes without saying. Discussions on leadership and social commentary? Let me at ‘em.

But which topic to choose? How to focus? And then I thought, why focus? Why not a bit of this and that?

And that’s the inspiration for The Independent Clause, which, while a bit on the eclectic side, will aim to be informative, factual, occasionally controversial, and never the same old, same old content.

Here’s a sample of what you can expect in the upcoming few posts:

• Why the Paddington Bear movies offer a remedy to our current incivility.

• Why America’s Patron Saint, George Washington, would have been first in line for the COVID vaccine.

• Why a lesser-known second 1918 pandemic should be giving all of us potential chills about the future.

• How the samurai could teach us a thing or two about loyalty.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts, arguments, research, and questions on these subjects and more. I have plenty of surprises up my sleeve, so visit often.

Be Seeing You,

C.A. Wolski