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 C. A. Wolski

This Writing Life

Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to write and create. My earliest efforts were dictated to my dad—who dutifully transcribed every word and contributed the occasional illustration—moving to scribbling my fantastic (and rather terrible) stories on my own.

Though I studied film and photography in both undergraduate and graduate school (and even had a brief collegiate teaching career), I couldn’t shake the writing bug—which any writer will tell you is sort of like a chronic disease. Eventually I stumbled into the journalistic career I probably should have pursued in the to begin with; first as a freelancer and then as the editor for my hometown newspaper outside of Buffalo, NY.

I took another brief career sidestep when I felt compelled to try to save the world and took a job with a Los Angeles non-profit as its media relations manager. But as any disillusioned revolutionary will tell you, trying to make the world change wholesale is about as practical as smashing your head against the wall. And writing—I was still freelancing—beckoned.

In 2001, I moved back to making my bread and butter writing, becoming staff writer for a medical publishing group in Los Angeles. While in that position, I wrote more than 280 feature length articles until I was promoted to editor of one of the company's magazines in late 2004. In late 2005, I changed jobs again, but not focus. Currently, I work as the staff writer in the communications department of a medical malpractice insurance company.

Even with my sidesteps, writing has always dominated my life. I have continued freelancing to this day. I was a regular reviewer for Box Office Mojo from June 2002 to January 2005, and have had my work appear in other venues ranging from reference books like The Encyclopedia of Propaganda to Art Ideas magazine.  I’m also in the process of writing a horror/fantasy novel The Screaming Face and have written numerous short stories.

When not writing, I spend my free time practicing kendo (Japanese fencing) and watching way too many movies.








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